Memorable Gifts

I have a treasure box of items old and some new, gifts from those who love me. Some are drawings, others are pottery or simple rocks found along a journey. This treasure I have carried with me upon receiving the first gift within. The gifts are not worth much, except to a mother’s heart. Little tokens made by little hands that mark the path of time.

These small treasures started when my children were young. “Look mommy, I made this for you!” I treasured their creativity, and knowing one day they would not be so small. Through the years, the keep coming, each one marking a moment in time. Then they were grown, and on their own, and the treasure stopped coming.

Time moves on, and little ones start joining our family tree. Then little treasures soon appear, “Granny I made this for you!”. Gifts from grandchildren are as precious as those from a child. I treasure these small monuments that mark a moment of time. I know the gifts will come for awhile, then as grandchildren grow, they will cease.

Four children have blessed me through my life. And given me fifteen grandchildren. My grandchildren are the most precious gifts of all.



4 thoughts on “Memorable Gifts”

    1. I am enjoying the stage of life of being a grandmother. I have fifteen grandchildren, the last born in September and are triplet boys. My children are finished building their families. I will have to wait to become great-grandmother.


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