My Christmas List is Almost Complete

Today, I have one item left to do on my Christmas List. Today, the other gifts arrived for my grandchildren. They are wrapped and under the tree, ready for delivery.

I finished decorating the gingerbread houses. I am pleased with their appearance. This year I used fondant on the roofs. I used fondant frosting for the first time this summer, when I made a birthday cake for my granddaughter, with the help of my grandson. I enjoyed the look and working with fondant this summer. So, I used what was left over to decorate the roofs of the gingerbread houses. I also used fondant to make a snowman. Did you see him? I will definately be experimenting with fondant next year and next Christmas.

I have a few other ideas on decorating next year’s gingerbread houses. Yes, my creative mind is thinking a whole year ahead. This summer, when my grandson was visiting, as per his request, we watched baking shows and baking challenges. These baking shows inspired us on making a birthday cake. He is still fond of baking shows, only his brothers do not like to watch them. It was nice talking about my ideas for next year’s gingerbread houses with him.

The Christmas cookies are baked. I made M&M cookies using red and green M&M for the season. My base recipe is from Nestle’s Toll House Chocolate Cookies, I substitute the M&M for the chocolate chips.

There is only one item left, the Church Windows. Another name is no-bake stained glass window candies, if someone wanted to search the internet. I have a few different substitutions and ingredients than the recipes I found on the internet. But I am sure which every recipe is used, they will taste delicious. Tomorrow the Church Windows, then we are ready for Christmas.

This year, our plans have changed. My husband and I will be celebrating as a couple. My daughter and her husband are sick, and they requested we stay home. It is nothing for my husband and I to celebrate as a couple. We have been doing so for most of our married life. We will deliver the Christmas gifts on or after the New Year. Most years we have had the family gathering after New Year’s Day, when others were able to come.

For Christmas Eve, I will be making a pot of green chilli. We will have frito pies, nachos or just a bowl of chilli. There will be other items such as some finger foods, a relish tray and deviled eggs. We will snack and watch Christmas movies, until my husband is too tired and we retire to be about 9:00 pm.

Christmas Day, I will fix cornish game hens, stuffing, green beans and crescents. Dessert will be butternut squash pie, cookies, or whatever. Maybe a bowl of ice cream.



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