December and Christmas

Today is December 2, 2022, twenty-three days until Christmas. This Christmas is different for us. My husband was dismissed from work the middle of November and been looking for work. He has had one job interview and another one scheduled for next week. The jobs he is applying and getting responses for are not in our immediate area of Texas. Meaning if he is offered the job, he will accept and we will have to move.

Moving for us in no easy feat. We have farm equipment, 40 head of sheep some with lambs, a few horses and dogs, along with a winter’s supply of hay. Then there is the house.

When we purchased our home fourteen years ago, I started updating the rooms, one at a time. I am halfway done with the last room, the master bedroom and bathroom. I will need to complete this room before we can sell. But first, I have to clear all the tools and stored items out of the master bathroom. I have kept my tools and building materials in the master bathroom while doing the other bedrooms and bathrooms. Now is time to work on the last part of the home.

Since September, we have been going through our processions and getting rid of those items we no longer want or use. Preparing for an eventual move closer to my daughter, her husband, her daughter and the triplets. We have been organizing to make it easier to find things we need to use. All this takes time.

Now I have a deadline to get the work done, although I do not know the exact date. My husband and I have enjoyed cleaning out tool boxes and sheds, clearing paths and getting rid of the old. We do work very good together.

It is December, the time of my favorite holiday – Christmas. I decorate the home for floor to ceiling in every room for Christmas. We enjoy the Christmas atmosphere with the many reminders of Christmas past and the future of more Christmases together. This year will be different. We are preparing to move. Clearing out unnecessary items and packing things we want to keep in preparation of moving.

This Christmas will be a simple Christmas – a tree, our stockings and a couple of wreaths. It will still be Christmas, the Christmas of 2022.



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