Getting Things Done

There are times, most times for me, there are more things that need to be done than hours in the day to complete the tasks. I have been home for three days. There was the market lambs to take to the sheep sale on Friday, then to go to the sale on Saturday. Sunday was separating sheep, the ones I will sell from those I am keeping, trimming sheep hooves and deworming. I am selling some adult sheep at a special sale on October 1, and need to have them separated and marked so my husband can load up the correct sheep on Friday to deliver to the sale, for October 1. Shopping for groceries and bills to pay were done on Monday. Tomorrow I will be going back to my daughter’s to assist during the week, only to return late Friday, for a special sheep sale on Saturday at which I have four sheep consigned to sale. In the evenings I have been sewing baby blankets for my grandsons. A busy four days for sure.

The only way I can accomplish my tasks is to prioritize them as well as multi-task. I can clean and cook, and have laundry going. My husband assisted with working the sheep, getting the task done quicker than if I was doing it alone. We divide and conquer some tasks, like him going to town with the bills to be paid and checks to deposit, while I clean, cook, get paperwork together and sew. Some of our tasks are done together, and some separate covering more ground in less time.

The list was long, but everything was important and finished. I like getting things on “the list” done. Although some of the items my husband could accomplish without me.

I do not like for my husband to feel neglected while I am away. I am cooking a stew and a pot roast for his lunches and dinners. His laundry is washed and put away. The house is clean, dishes washed, ready for him to be a bachelor for a few days.

Since I am the one who does the sheep, it would be difficult for my husband to sort out the ones going to the special replacement sale. He is good about doing the feeding while I am gone. But, there are some tasks that would be very difficult for him to do alone.

The task of finding the registration papers for the sheep, would be a challenge. He would have to enter the office, my spot in the house where I keep everything important. The office is for our finances, my writing, all things related to sheep and livestock, along with my craft and sewing supplies. It is the one room in the house that the door is always closed. My husband calls it my chaos room.

With instructions via the phone, very detailed instructions, he would be able to find the binder where I keep the registration papers. Then he would have to read each registration paper so I could tell him if that was the paper needed for the sheep going to the sale. Being home, I have gathered the correct registration papers and placed them in a spot, outside of the “chaos room”, so he will find them to take with him when he delivers the sheep on Friday.

Before I leave tomorrow, I want things to be in place for him while I am gone. Can he cook? Yes, he can. But he works all day, does my chores and his chores. Dinner is nice when it can be warmed in a microwave. We do work at eating healthy meals to keep our health strong at our ages. Can he do laundry? Yes, he is capable of doing laundry. I do not want him to have to do additional work. I want things in place as they always are when I am home, because I love him. I work to make his daily life easier because of love.

What does he do for me? A lot. He helps me with the sheep when I need an extra body or extra hands. He does the heavy jobs around the place. He also keeps the vehicles running and operating in a safe manner. When I need a bale of hay moved, he is the one to do it for me. When I buy grain for the livestock, he unloads the grain with me. He is the main financial supporter of the family working nine hours or more a day.

We are a team, each doing their part and assisting the other, to have things go smoothly. We together, have everything ready for the days I am helping my daughter.



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