My Longest Day

Days move quickly into weeks, months and years. Time is marked off with precision. Although daylight hours may shift depending on the month of the year, each day has 24 hours. Then there are days when time seems to crawl slowly. September 14 happened to be a day time crawled miserably slow.

Since September 4 I have been living at my daughter’s home. She was pregnant with triplets and was admitted to the hospital with contractions on September 4. The triplets were not due to arrive until September 14. This Granny would be taking care of her granddaughter, age 5, until mommy and daddy could come home with three little brothers.

At the hospital, the medical staff was able to get the contractions to stop, the goal was for my daughter to stay pregnant until September 14. The days were long for all of us. My daughter waiting in the hospital. Her husband still working so he would be able to spend the six weeks of family time with his wife and the three boys after they were born. He would spend some nights at the hospital and some at home, wanting to support his wife but also wanting to let their daughter know that her parents did not leave or abandon her. Granny stayed at the house busy taking care of her granddaughter. Taking her to school and picking her up, working at keeping her schedule the same as always, to keep as much stability in her life as possible.

The plan for delivery day, September 14, my daughter would not answer any phone calls or make phone calls, her husband would let me know how the delivery went, how my daughter and the babies were doing after delivery. I would let immediate family know, and they would tell extended family and friends. The delivery by C-section was scheduled for 10 AM. We figured three hours for delivery and settling, then I would receive the phone call with information and start the information chain.

From the beginning of this pregnancy, family, friends and myself have been praying for healthy babies. There are many possible complications with multiple pregnancies. Babies are born premature, they may have problems with breathing and other life functions. Most premature infants stay in NICU units, special intensive care units for infants to receive the medical treatments for their various problems. The triplets would be born at 35 weeks gestation, and hopefully weigh four pounds at birth.

On September 14, family, friends and I started praying early. My granddaughter was home from school due to not feeling well. I cleaned the house, mopping floors, washing cupboard doors, dusting and other small tasks that my daughter had not been able to do the previous months at home. My granddaughter thought I was going crazy cleaning the house. Keeping busy helps the time to move along faster, and this day was moving very slow.

10 AM arrived, schedule time for the beginning of the delivery. 11 then noon, no word, but still praying and cleaning. 1 PM arrived, my impatience won, I sent a message to my son-in-law, ” How are Tami and the boys?”. Message back, “An emergency delivery came in, the delivery was moved to 2 PM”. Immediate family started texting, their impatience won out as well, I relayed that the delivery time was moved to 2 PM. More waiting for the delivery of the babies.

I waited and prayed while my granddaughter watched a movie, and I tried not to watch the clock. At 4 PM I received news that all went well. Mom is doing good. The boys were over 4 pounds, and all were in the room with mom and dad. Then two pictures arrived of the triplets, there were no tubes, no oxygen, no IVs. Their color was good. I instantly showed the pictures to the big sister. Then was busy sending the pictures to family members. A little later, my daughter called and said everything went really well, no problems with her or the boys. The boys had passed all the screenings and were staying in the room with her. She then spoke to her daughter, telling her about her brothers and answering questions.

The nurses and medical staff for the NICU unit would come by to look at the triplets. They specialize in delivery and care of multiple pregnancies and the birth of these triplets was the first time that no babies were admitted to the NICU unit. They were little miracles.

Five days after delivery, the little brothers and parents came home. They continue to do well. Their feeding are continuing to increase. At one week of age, they had gained the weight lost the first days after birth plus 2 to 3 ounces and grew 1/4 to 1/2 inch each. This Granny is a little nervous holding such fragile babies. Care has to be given in what touches their skin as it is very thin and sensitive.

We know that prayer was the key to how strong and well these little miracles are. We are thankful. We appreciate all those who prayed for this mom and her babies during her pregnancy and delivery.

Now we continue to pray as they continue to develop and grow.



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