A Project Completed

This year I decided to finish projects that I had started. Some of these projects I have worked a little here and a little there, for years and the projects are still not done. Today, I finished a project I started two years ago.

The beginning of the project was with a group of ladies during the lockdowns due to Covid-19. Before Covid-19, we would meet every Friday night at the same restaurant with our husbands, for dinner and conversation. When we were locked down due to Covid-19, everyone started missing each other and time shared. Us ladies, formed a reading group and would have text discussions on Fridays between 7-9 pm, about the book we were all reading. When the restrictions were lifted allowing small groups to gather with space, we made arrangements to meet at the winery owned by one of the couples. We would have an art project and wine along with great conversation.

One of the craft and wine project was painting a decorative horse. Everyone in the group owned and rode horses, a fitting subject for us to paint. The “canvas” was old cabinet doors that were purchased by the winery’s owner at a Habitat for Humanity store. Another member of our group used a laser etcher and etched the picture onto the cabinet doors. When we met on the Friday for the project, we chose the one we wanted to paint. Several women finished theirs that night, and half of us still needed to work on ours.

When I got home, I decided I did not like the colors on a brown horse. There was not contrast with the background if the main color of the horse and the background were both woodgrain brown. So I painted the horse white. Then colors began to evolve. Then other things became more important, so the painting was put aside.

Until this week. I started working on finishing the painting as I want to give it to a grandchild for Christmas. And since the parent will becoming done when the triplets are born, it needed to be done so the parent could take it home.

I am only able to paint in daylight hours, as the lighting in my house is not good for painting or crafts due to being dull and dark. Since I have chores and outside jobs that have to be done, I have limited day light hours to work. Little by little, I pushed forward and completed my project.

We often start things or begin to work on dreams and life changes, other things, people, or situations become more important. When the timing is right, those dreams and things we began to work on will come to completion or disappear. I have had changes in things I was working on disappear, those things were not where I was supposed to be or what I was to be doing. There are other things, that I have not done in years, but the desire burns as strong as it ever did waiting for the right time.

For those of us who put things aside, take a look at those projects – maybe it is time to start working on them to completion.


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