Inspiration for the Coming Week

He lays me down beside the still waters. Psalm 23

On Sundays I try to have a day of rest and relaxations. I still have to feed and water the livestock and care for my small garden. There are daily responsibilities such as cooking dinner for my husband. I try hard to not plan any projects or work on Sunday.

I read, relax and recharge for the next six days. One way I recharge is to read some quotes that have and do inspire me to continue forward.

“All great things have small beginnings.” by Peter Senge.

As a sheep farmer, I started with a few bottom of the market sheep. I have worked, learned and made decisions that have improved my flock. Sometimes, I feel like I am not going to achieve my goal of being a seed stock producer for Dorper Sheep. This Peter Senge’s quote helps to encourage me to continue with my goals and plans.

Perhaps your first car is not what you really wanted to purchase, but you did purchase a car. As you work at making good financial decisions and improving yourself, you will be able to purchase the car you desire.

The secret of getting ahead is getting started.

Mark Twain

Before we can move forward, we have to be moving. Getting started is the hardest part for most people. We question if what we are about to start is a wise choice. It is hard to steer a vehicle that is not moving. Regardless of the direction you are steering the vehicle, if it is not moving you are not going anywhere. Get started, and you choices will steer the direction of your dream and obtaining that dream.

Tomorrow we begin another week of work, striving and reaching for our goals. Today, we rest, relax and recharge.



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