Setbacks and Frustration

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A few days ago, I was stung by a wasp and had a local allergic reaction that took me to a visit at an Urgent Care Center. I was clear to do my regular activities. Recently I have been working on refinishing an old dresser for my daughter who expecting triplets in three months.

I have been sanding all the old stain and varnish off, gluing joints and making the dresser beautiful and strong for its future home. With the wasp sting, I have not felt like working on the dresser. My arm was very swollen and ached. The medication has the tendency of upsetting the stomach.

All things associated with the wasp sting, caused me to not work on the dresser. I was planning on taking it to her tomorrow, but it is not ready. I have fallen behind in the work schedule, and still do not feel well enough to work on the number of hours needed to finish, causing frustration.

I needed the dresser to be done for delivery tomorrow, as Monday I was needing to start getting the house ready for my oldest daughter and the grandchildren to visit, arriving on the thirteenth. The dresser takes up a large part of the living room. I also need to get two bedrooms ready for guests, and one of those rooms has to be totally cleaned out of boxes and projects. My schedule is way off track, frustrating me even more.

Frustration does not help us accomplish our goals. Frustration only complicates the situation more.

I have to realize, things happen, out of our control. We have to change the plans and realize we can only do what we can do. My daughter is not going to be upset if the house is not in perfect shape when she gets here. She will understand. I need to relax in the fact she will understand. Relaxing will help me to be more productive.

Breathe, relax, adjust, and the work will get done. One day at a time, One step at a time. And the job will get done. Much easier said than followed.

Frustration steals our energy and our clear thinking mind. We confused and try to different directions at the same time, at least I do. So, I have to stop, breathe, relax and see what step I need to do first and concentrate on that step until done, then start step two, until the job is complete.

I need to not be afraid to ask for help. My husband is here to help me. Monday, he will help me move boxes and things to the storage sheds. He is never sure what to do to assist me, but if I ask, he will do his best to help me.

Frustration can make us tense and snappy with those trying to help us. I work very hard to keep my tension down, but breathing and relaxing my mind. Tension and snappy words do not help the work to go faster, actually it slows down the progress and creates hurt feelings with those around you.

When I get a setback, and frustration tries to step in, I stop, breathe, relax the mind, develop an alternative plan, and move forward one step at a time.

Hope your weekend is going well.



4 thoughts on “Setbacks and Frustration”

    1. The swelling started going down yesterday evening. The dresser will be done in a few days. Just have to take it to my daughter on another trip. Thank you for stopping by to read my post.

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