Overturn of Roe vs Wade

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There has been numerous articles and blogs written about the rights of women being restricted due to the overturn of Roe vs Wade. I am not writing state my political ideas, or say you are wrong or right in your thoughts and decisions. I want to share a different perspective.

Our ideas and opinions are shaped by our prospective, life experiences, and spiritual beliefs. Take a moment to stand in the shoes of someone who may have a different view of the situation than you.

I understand that women will not have the legal right to terminate a pregnancy. I also feel that other rights will be in jeopardy with the overturn of Roe vs Wade, such as mask mandates and vaccination mandates. Texas used Roe vs Wade to protect the rights of Texas residents to make a choice in wearing a mask and receiving the Covid-19 vaccination. The medical rights of women are not the only medical rights at risk, the medical rights of men, the elderly, and Native Americans are at risk as well.

But the perspective of abortion being legal or not being legal. I personally am glad that abortion is not legal. Now before you turn me “off”. Please take a moment to see my perspective.

Roe vs Wade was decided to be constitutional protection for the right of a mother to decide on abortion, a medical procedure, her body-her choice in January 1973.

Contraception was not legal until the late 1950’s at the state level. When contraception was legalized in states, it was only for married couples. Single women and men could not get contraception to prevent pregnancy. The birth control pill was approved for use by the FDA in 1960, but states outlawed the advertisement and use of birth control pills. In 1965 the Supreme Court ruled that restricting the use of the birth control pill was against the rights of medical privacy of married couples. Available for married couples but not for single women. It would be in 1972 when the birth control pill would be available for all women, married or single, in every state.

I was born in 1963. Some contraceptives are available for married couples only. The birth control pill is prescribed for menstrual cramping to by pass state laws. Abortion is illegal. I am born, I put in a Catholic orphanage, until I am adopted in 1965. To a couple who could not have children.

With Roe vs Wade, abortion was legalized nationwide in 1973. Ten years after my birth.

If abortion was legal in 1963, I would not be alive. My four children would not exist. I would not be married to my husband. My grandchildren would not be alive. I would not have touched and encouraged young people to keep going, to finish school and strive forward.

There would be a void.

Today, there is birth control available to anyone who wants it. If they can not afford birth control, planned parenthood will give it to them. I have used planned parenthood to get birth control pills free in the my past. There are ways to prevent pregnancy available to women now, that my biological mother did not have access to.

I think abortions done today are due to lack of planning, not lack of access to contraceptives. If you happen to have done an abortion, I do not dislike you or judge you. I was not in your shoes, living your life when you made the decision.

I like being alive. I also believe that life comes from God, our Creator. I believe a baby is a baby at conception, because God gave it life.

I do not say what you think or believe is wrong because your belief and thoughts are not like mine. I do not judge you as that is not my “job”. But realize some have different thoughts and opinions due to their life experiences.

I wanted to express a different perspective and the reasoning.

The one thing I hope people do not do is turn on each other for having a different opinion. The division and hatred is not good for either of us. There is too much hate in the world today.

Thankful to be alive.


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7 thoughts on “Overturn of Roe vs Wade”

    1. There are so many ways to prevent a pregnancy. It is now a state issue. My concern is what affect it will have on “the morning after pill.” In Texas although the hearth law was enacted before the overturn, “the morning after pill” was not included. I agree there are times for abortion, but majority are using abortion as a birth control method. But there is more involved than abortion. This affects the medical care of each individual.

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      1. The effects on individual medical care I do not like. The government and insurance companies control what and how much medical care we should have, now they can make us or deny us. We have lost the right to choose what procedures to have done.
        The above reply should say heartbeat law in Texas.


      2. And that’s the issue! There are too many unknowns and too many sides to this that we just don’t understand to leave in the hands of a couple of guys to decide and courts and cops to prosecute. The matter was already settled, leave it alone. God will be the judge. I do respect your opinion though.

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