Contact Numbers

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Before cell phones, I could remember and recall all my friends and family’s phone numbers. Today, I am barely able to remember my own cell phone number. My husband has the same problem. We do not remember people’s phone numbers.

The reason for this forgetfulness… we do not use their numbers to contact them. Used to we had to dial or punch the buttons to make a phone call. Today, we look up a name and press a button. We no longer repeat the number when we wish to call someone. Lack of using the numbers.

Yet, I can remember several passwords for facebook, email, wordpress and other online accounts that I have.

Usage is what builds our memory of numbers, letters and sequences, grammar and vocabulary.

Any learning we have gained has been from usage of the information. I notice I can not speak Spanish or Navajo as I used to. I still comprehend what is being said, but I have trouble formulating the sentences for conversation.

“If you do not use it, you will lose it.” was a common saying from my teachers while in school.



2 thoughts on “Contact Numbers”

  1. I heartily agree. I couldn’t call my family if I lost my cell because I have no clue what their numbers are. Yet I can remember phone numbers from years ago because we *had* to!

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