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While watching a murder mystery where a policeman was undercover as a college professor teaching English Literature. The policeman gave the students an assignment of writing their own obituary. This brought to mind a Bible study I participated in years ago titled “One Month to Live”. In the Bible study we were to write our obituary, epilogue and what our headstone would say. Sounds morbid, but the focus on the Bible study was are we living life, and are we living a life in a the way we want to be remembered.

Are you living your life in the way you want to be remember? Are you grouchy to people in the check out line, instead of patient for your turn? Are your reactions the actions you want people to remember?

The study brought to focus, that I was not really living life. I was home, alone doing what needed to be done, but not really having joy in the day. I was not in conscente communication with my children. And due to the distance, I was not finding ways to have my grandchildren know who I was. There were things I needed to change.

I wanted my grandchildren to know more about me than just I am their parents’ mother. I wanted to know my grandchildren beyond a name and birthdate.

Obituaries tell the facts about a person’s life. Their spouse, how many children, grandchildren. Where a person grew up, what school or schools they graduated from, and organizations they may have belonged to.

The epilogue is where someone tells others what type of person you are. They give information to how you feel and react, what you believe, what are the most important memories of you from those who know you. The epilogue tells what type of person you are and your life.

My epilogue was faded, vague not much in comparison to what I wanted to be remembered for doing and being.

How would the life you are currently living align with what you would want to be said in an epilogue? What type of memories would be shared by those you care about and love concerning you?

My epilogue has changed since the Bible study. I made changes to my life. I get out of the house, there are others besides family who know me as a person, not just a name. My grandchildren can share stories of things we have done together. I once again have dreams and goals for my life, although I am in the downward side of my lifespan, I have things I want to do and be remembered for doing.

How does your life align with what you would like shared in your epilogue?



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