Weekend Gardening

I love gardening. This past weekend I was able to spend some time getting my garden in the ground.

Radishes have started to appear. I planted radish seeds in the long planters. These planters have been used four years to grow radishes. I plant the seeds in two rows. Water. Wait. Soon little green leaves appear.

In about two weeks I will have fresh radishes to add to meals and snacks.

This past weekend I also replanted a bell pepper plant. I had started these plants from seeds using solo cups. I later potted them in a small planter where they grew, and produced a few peppers. Now to let them grow.

Potted plants grow and become root bound. Repotting this pepper into a larger pot I will get more fruit production. I have decided to repot this pepper plant into a larger container outside.

Removing the plant from the planter, you can see the roots and how tightly intertwined the roots have grown. Repotting into a larger container will allow the roots to stretch out and grow. In the bottom of the hole for the plant, I will add crushed eggshells. Eggshells help in the prevention of blossom rot on the fruit of peppers, eggplants and tomatoes. Blossom rot is caused by a calcium/phosphorus deficiency.

This pepper plant has a new home. I used a small trellis to support the plant. This pepper plant has spent the entire life in the house away from the wind. I am using the trellis until the pepper grows a stronger stem to support the plant in the wind.

Watering during repotting and after repotting is important to remove the air from around the roots. Air causes roots to die, eventually causing the plant to die. Although this potting mix was wet due to recent rains, I still watered to remove the air pockets in the potting mix.



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