Song of the Mockingbird

The start of each day begins in my office. There is a window I look out as I plan my day. Watching and listening in the office is one of my favorite times of the day. From this window I watch the weather for the day. I can tell how strong and what direction the wind is blowing from a rope hanging from the tree. I love watching the various birds as they fly in to rest on a branch or twig, sing a song and fly off once more. Each season has a different group of birds who visit the trees in my front yard.

Today I heard what I have been waiting for a couple of weeks to hear, the song of the mockingbird. The shirl melodious mating song of the mockingbird is the sign that spring has arrived in the area I live. I can not plant my vegetable and flower plants outside without worry of freezing frost.

I have learned to listen. Also experience has taught me to listen for the mockingbird song. I enjoy the festy birds who will sing all hours of the day and night. Several pairs of mockingbirds will set up their nest and raise their young in the trees outside my front door. When the mockingbirds leave, the cold north winds will arrive with winter.

Sleeping Ute Mountain, Colorado photo by Anne McWilliams

Every area has indicators of spring or when it is time to plant. When I lived in Colorado, the time to plant was when the winter blanket came off of Sleeping Ute Mountain. The “wives’ tales” or myths concerning planting time are an area vary depending on whom you talk with about gardening.

Nature shows us many things, if we will listen with simplicity, not science or others options.

Today, I could not plant as the rain arrive this afternoon, but tomorrow I will be busy in my garden area putting seeds in the ground with hopes of summer and fall harvest. Nothing tastes better on the plate than vegetables you assisted in growing.



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