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The word prompt from word press for the month of March is bridge. There are various types of bridges, small, large, wooden and cement. Some bridges are only for foot traffic while others hold up multiple lanes of cars and vehicles. Each bridge is designed and built to serve a purpose, even as simple as taking you to the other side in order to see the view from a different perspective.

Our path through life has bridges. Bridges we build to establish relationships with friends, families and lovers. Bridges to get promotions and better way of life. Some bridges we later burn, but in order to burn a bridge, the bridge first has to be built.

One bridge I feel is important in our lives is the bridge of education. Education as a bridge conjures up higher education as colleges and universities. Colleges and university cost money, and for those who do not have money, are out of reach. There are other pathways to education.

One way to build a bridge of education in your path to a better life, is by learning through reading. I read all the time on subjects I am interested in such as sheep and gardening. There are still libraries. When I first moved to Texas, there is a lot of snakes. I really DO NOT like snakes. I went to the little library in our little town and checked out books with pictures of snakes in Texas. I wanted to learn to identify the different snakes around my house, but also what they eat and where they like to live. By removing what the eat and where they like to live, I can get rid of the snakes.

Through reading I have learned how to care for my sheep. I have hands on experience in taking care of horses, and I used that experience with the knowledge I gained through reading to care for my sheep.

With today’s technology, youtube is an awesome source of learning, especially for those who learn best visually. I have repaired my riding lawn mower and household appliances by watching youtube videos. Yes, some videos are not very good, but there are some that show each step in how to repair something.

I know a young man, who struggled learning in school. He was glad to just graduate from High School. This young man started buying and selling goats while in Junior High School. He would ask questions of those at the sale barn, and learn. He learned some through what is called the school of hard knocks, but he stayed with selling and buying goats. As a junior in High School he purchased his first truck and stock trailer from the money he saved. He learned by watching others at the auction and started buying sheep. Two years out of high school, he purchased an sheep and goat auction from the man who started it. Two years after the purchase, he has paid off the initial cost of the auction and made major building improvements with out loans from the bank. For a man under thirty years of age, he is doing very well. This young man watched, asked questions and learned outside of college and a class room. He put what he learned, and some hard work and now has a prosperous business. He does not feel he has learned everything. Recently, he wanted to ask questions about raising registered sheep, and how I managed my registered sheep business. He is still asking questions and still learning.

When I was in High School, my English teacher told us, ” Vocabulary and the proper use of vocabulary will determine the altitude of success in your life.” This statement just seemed to burn in my mind when she said it. I was determined to succeed in life, so I worked on improving my vocabulary and professionalism.

Some simple tools to learn, vocabulary and professionalism, to observe and ask questions, to build bridges.

In order to build a bridge, you have to know where you are going. Dreams and goals guide us on what pathway or road to take, and provide the determination to build bridges for success in our lives.

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Never stop dreaming, setting goals, or building bridges.



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  1. I say it all the time education is the key. They days with technology education can be attained through numerous sources outside of the classroom so there are no excuses for staying ignorant.

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