The Start of My Day

Each day I start with a cup of coffee in my office. I have a window where I observe the outside world waking up with me. Outside of the window is one of two trees. For reasons unknown this tree has the life of the whole yard. The birds nest there. The cats play in this tree, and the dogs nap under the tree.

The office is also where my daily planner is and all other business related items. My daily planner reminds me of the choices I made on the previous Sunday. Each Sunday I sit down and plan out a week.

The plans include what jobs will be done on the place such as fixing fences, training dogs or horses, building things and tearing down things. My planner also holds all the important dates for the sheep farming business, such as breeding dates, lambing dates and when to vaccinate or deworm. I also record when ewes lamb in my planner.

Along with work related reminders, I have planned out our meals. Meal planning helps schedule an easy to make dinner on a really busy day or perhaps just left overs from the day before. The planning of meals assists with grocery shopping, one of my least favorite activities. How can something cost so much and just disappear in a week? It was worse when there were children in the home.

Yes, I start each day, not having to think or schedule, just enjoy. Enjoy the view from my window as I and the world around me wakes up. Today, I say a cat playing in the tree, racing around the branches hoping to catch a bird off guard for a tasty meal.

After his scampering among the branches, he took to watching, just as I was. Yes, the window is dirty.



4 thoughts on “The Start of My Day”

    1. I am hoping to get some bird feeders put up this year. I am also remaking the flower/garden bed. I do enjoy the view. Although our area is in a major construction of houses currently.

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