Challenges of Blogging

I started blogging in August of 2021 about sheep and taking care of sheep. I wanted to share my experience and solutions with those starting to raise sheep. Then I had to get the house ready for our Christmas celebration, and did not have time to write blogs about sheep.

I joined Bloganaury and my education began. I read and seen what others were doing, rating their blogs and websites. I decided to have a different site to blog about anything and everything that came to me mind.

I started understanding what blogging is.. as I had not really taken time to read blogs. I actually like reading blogs. I have learned some new interests while reading others’ blogs during Bloganaury.

One challenge I found is photographs for my blogs. I really do not like using others’ photos. Perhaps it comes from college days and copywrite or giving citations for using others’ words. But using someone else’s creation for my own story or blog causes some discomfort. I know there are citations with the photos I use. And for some mind thoughts I will continue to use others’ photos as I am unable to get take the photograph myself. Such as at the top of a mountain looking into a valley. I do not live near mountains any longer.

Having time to take photos for my own blogs, is time consuming. Setting up the subject with good lighting can be a challenge in itself. Since most of my blogs involve some type of animal, getting an animal to cooperate is a challenge in itself. Photos of recipes, or steps in a process is a challenge, as most of the time I just do without realizing every step. I have had to slow down, and think through how I do something in order to write about and take photos. I am working on the photographs for future blogs.

It takes planning to do a blog with photographs and videos. Putting videos into the blogs will be another learning experience. I am learning to operate my cell phone photo and video capabilities, and I have seen improvement in my ability to capture a photo. Sometimes I get a good photo by total accident. Like the one below of my new ram. I took the photo threw a two inch crack in the trailer gate, pure luck in the photo.

I enjoy the blogging community. I am inspired by others blogs. I am encouraged to write by blogs and comments. My perfectionism has drives me to constant improvement on whatever I am working at learning or doing.

I have decided to step out into an area I am very unfamiliar with – writing a book. I have people request I put into book form my horsemanship program for youth. The program does more than just teach horsemanship, as with each lesson a child is taught respect, communication, self confidence, self love and love for animals as well as others. The horse is the instrument but not necessarily the focus of the lesson, the child is. The lessons can be taught with using horsemanship as a tool, but the horse does not necessarily need to be present. Children in towns and cities could still learn, even without the horse. I will be sharing parts of this book in my blog for feedback, so look forward to participation.

Blogging has taught me to slow down, think about the day, what I do and how I do things. Slowing down has helped me to communicate better verbally with others. My mind works very fast, putting things together faster than my fingers can type or my mouth can work out words.

Thank you for the likes and comments. I do read each one with apprecition.



6 thoughts on “Challenges of Blogging”

  1. I like your pictures about sheep and the stories about them and your children 😊. You’re right though, blogging takes time and effort especially with the photos. I love taking photos so for me that’s the easy part. It’s the videos I have to clue on how to edit or make them interesting so that I use my young ones for 😊.

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  2. I’ve enjoyed reading about your life through your blog. ❤️ I don’t check WP everyday but I know I’ll have something good to see when I log onto your blog.

    I look forward to reading about horsemanship. As an uber urban urbanite, nature is alien to me. 😉

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  3. This is so encouraging! I often whinge a bit about the “old days” of blogging, and I love that this is how you want to carry on. I agree about the pictures, but my pictures are never anything but something taken in the moment, so they tend to be shaky and not always lit well. Now I’m off to read your blog from the beginning (a favorite thing to do with a new blog that interests me)!

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