Letters of Love

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February is when people focus on their love for others and themselves. At the end of every year, I do a self reflection of the year and my life. I have thirteen grandchildren, with one on the way and one in planning.

The sad part is I live so far away from my children and grandchildren. There are times, I feel I do not know my grandchildren, but mostly they do not know me.

On resolution I made for 2022 was to write letters to my grandchildren. To share with them stories of the parents’ childhood and mine. The share memories.

I realize we have email and texting, but that is not the same as getting a letter, just for them in the mail. Think, what do people usually get in the mail? We pay our bills online, very few get paper statements. I get advertisements, credit card and insurance sales pitches, nothing personal.

I remember when my children would get a birthday invitation from a friend in the mail. They were so excited and that was back in the day when mailing something was common. How much more exciting would it be today for a child to get a handwritten letter from their grandmother who lives far away?

I decided to hand write the letters. Hand written letters are not seen with the common use of computers. The easy pecking of the keys to put thoughts on a screen, make a mistake just delete or the computer automatically fills in the words for you.

A hand written letter takes thought to compose the idea and artfully draw the letters on to the paper. The action of writing the letters, words and thoughts is time consuming, but special when received. Each person has a distinct way of moving the pen or pencil to create lines, letters and words forming thoughts. Hand written letters will be giving an actual piece of myself to my grandchildren.

Photo by Adis Bacinovic on Pexels.com

Perhaps I am old fashion, I am definitely older. I remember writing letters and receiving letters from my grandparents. I felt so grown up and special when I opened the letter addressed to me.

Perhaps, some old fashion ways of doing things should not be taken away due to technology and advancements.



6 thoughts on “Letters of Love”

  1. That’s a beautiful idea.

    Growing up, I received Hallmark cards with money and a signature, no other other comment, except, maybe, ‘Love’ as a closing. There was nothing to save and nothing tangible to have kept to anchor my mind to the past. Your idea provides both love and connection, and I think that’s beautiful.

    If you have a scanner, you might also consider keeping a copy for yourself. In case anything happens to the originals, your legacy can be preserved. It might be the best of both worlds. 😉❤️

    Happy Valentine’s Day.


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