First Rain, Second Sleet, Third Ice, Fourth Snow…It is Cold.

It is cold outside. The storm arrives on schedule yesterday, according to the weather person. We had rain, slow, drizzly cold rain. After the sun set behind the clouds and temperatures started dropping, the rain turned to sleet. The rain and sleet froze to everything, coating our little world in ice.

Sometime during the night, the snow started falling and has continued through the day.

The Pasture covered in snow, trees covered in ice.

Chores took longer. Covered head to toe in warm layers of clothing hinders my movements creating a need for more effort even to walk. Breaking the ice covered water troughs so the animals can drink adds to the work load.

Ewes and Lamb in the shelter waiting for feed.

I watch the weather daily to keep informed of incoming storms. I like to be prepared to take care of my sheep and other animals. All the animals are handling the storm well. Providing a dry place located out of the wind with plenty of feed to keep them warm.

During and after chores, some of my helpers wanted to play.

Livestock Guard Dog, Sis, wanting to play.

It is cold and slippery for me. I go inside to warm up


P.S. All photos I took. I wish the sun was brighter or shining to really show the clear ice on the trees and bushes.


3 thoughts on “First Rain, Second Sleet, Third Ice, Fourth Snow…It is Cold.”

  1. Those storms where everything is covered in ice are not fun and can be dangerous but it looks like the dogs are enjoying themselves. I haven’t had cocoa with marshmallows in a long time. It looks tasty- maybe I will put some on the next grocery list.

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