The Tool of Music

Today’s Bloganaury is what is on your music playlist.

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Music moves us, refreshes the soul and retains memories. Couples have “their song” to remember when they first met. Music can pick us up out of an emotional slump. Babies go to sleep with lullabies’. Music is used for celebrations, prayers, and mostly just for fun.

I am old, I do not have a playlist on my cellphone or any other device. I have CDs. I have created music CD for what I am going to do that day. I have a special song for mopping floors, in some foreign language I do not know, by some group overseas, but it is great to swing a mop to. I was introduced to my “mopping song” as I call it by my daughter. I have a song for riding horses, ” I See You in a Different Light” sung by Doug Stone. The rhythm of the song matches the beat of the horse’s hooves. Horses are very musical, they will match their hoof beats to the rhythm of the music they hear. I have several CDs of Celtic songs for when I go on road trips. You can find a song for any occasion.

Couples have “their song” of when they first met or a special date. We remember moments in time better if music and smell are connected to the moment. My husband and I have two love songs; “The Keeper of the Stars” sung by Tracy Byrd and “I Cross My Heart” sung by George Strait. My son and daughter said the song sung by George Strait was the love shown when my husband and I met. And the song truly fits us.

I listen mostly to instrumental music, in various genre, classical, pop, Native American, and blues. I do not like the words of songs to distract me in what I am doing.

Music is a big part of every culture, a language that speaks to us all. Music holds memories, inspires us, refreshes us.

Who does not sing in the shower?



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